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Putoline V-Twin Gearbox Oil, 1 L tin can

Genuine V-Twin Gearbox Oil, transmission oil was developed especially for V-Twin motorcycles with separate lubrication of the gearbox and chain output.

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Kód produktu: 510-74111
Záruka: 24 měsíců
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Putoline V-Twin Gearbox Oil, 1 L tin can
Putoline V-Twin…
574 Kč

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Genuine V-Twin Gearbox Oil is a premium gear oil. This combination of good quality base oils and pioneering Putoline additives provides the following advantages:

- Superior performance
-Less wear and tear
- Accurate, smooth gear changes
- Optimum clutch function Genuine V-Twin Gearbox Oil was specially developed for V-Twin motorcycles with separate lubrication of gearbox andChain drive developed.

Putoline offers a wide range of high-quality lubricants and maintenance products. As a specialist manufacturer Putoline concentrates exclusively onProducts for motorcycles. Years of experience and continuous research result in an optimal price/quality ratio. As Putoline manufactures all products itself, aconsistently high quality can be guaranteed. Putoline Oil, Driven by Technology!

Bag-in-Box concept (PU 20l):
The cost-effective alternative to small packaging and 60 litre drums inWorkshop. A tailor-made solution for economic efficiency and environmental awareness.

- Advantages:
- A more favourable price compared to small containers
- Different types can be produced inThe Bag-in-Box concept saves space
- Easy to handle
- Environmentally friendly packaging solution, as little raw material is needed for packagingaccrues

Scope of delivery: 1 piece
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